PR 17-5 - Profile Machine with 5 Spindles

PR 17-5 - 5 Milli Profil Makinası

PR 17 makes some profiles deep and sensitive with its double thickness at the entrence. Surface sensitivity is ensured so easily because of its pneumatic presses with compact intervals. Speed adjustment can be done easily due to its electronic speed adjustment and the current speed can be seen on the panel as being m/sec. There is a manual tray lubrication pump to protect the sticking of the wood to the plaques because of the resins that are left by the woods. Due to the fully protected cabin, PR 17 ensures the full work and workers security and creates a soundless working condition. Wooden houses, ceiling, flooring, woodwork can be easily produced.

Technical Specifications
Min. Max. Working Width 20 - 200 mm.
Min. Max. Working Height 10 - 100 mm.
Min. Max. Tool Diameter 120 - 160 mm.
Number of Spindle 5
Spindle Speed 6.000 r.p.m.
Spindle Diameter 40 mm.
Number of Feed Rollers 7
Diameter of Feed Rollers 140 mm.
Feed Speed 10 - 24 m/min.
Adjustment Range of Surfacing Table 0 - 10 mm.
Diameter of Exhaust Air Outlets 125 mm.
Number of Exhaust Air Outlets 5
Total Amount of Exhaust Air 7.500 m3/h
Total Motor Power 29 Kw.
Operating Voltage 380 V - 50 Hz